Nowadays, dental implants are a great solution for the various forms of edentulism, from the lack of a single tooth to the complete loss of teeth.

Dental implants are titanium replacement screw shaped dental appliances which are implanted into the bone of the upper or lower jaw with the aim of replacing the missing tooth root. This procedure is performed by surgically anesthetizing locally the treated part. Afterwards you get the osseointegration namely the integration of the implant with the bone.

Implantology offers several solutions both independently and in combination with other restorations.

The aim of this therapy is to restore the disturbed function as well as its aesthetics degrade in order to improve the life quality of the patient. Therefore an individual based approach with the patient is also of great importance the by making a plan and an accurate diagnosis by CT and panoramic shooting – ORTOPAN.

The main advantage of implants is the preservation of natural and healthy teeth from the effect of grinding. In addition to being part of a fixed bridge, implants are an ideal alternative for patients who are dissatisfied with being toothless; with a technique called `all-on-4` there is the possibility to construct a fixed bridge on 4 implants in the lower jaw or fix two implants with clasps  in the lower jaw reinforced with prosthesis.

In our clinic we use Astra Tech implant, which belongs to one of the three leading implants systems worldwide.



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