Periodontics is the treatment and maintenance of gums affected by gum disease.

Gum disease, or more correctly, 'periodontal' disease, causes loss of the healthy attachment of the tooth to the gum and jaw bone. If gum disease is allowed to progress,  a 'pocket' develops between the tooth and the gum, and bone around the tooth is lost. You may notice that your gums bleed when brushed or are slightly swollen, but sometimes there are no obvious signs, making it all the more important to have regular dental reviews and hygienist sessions.

Teeth  compromised by the presence of deep pockets and the loss of the supporting bone, become loose and may move or drift, causing collapse of the 'bite', and unsightly spacing. Gum disease is the most important cause of adult tooth loss. The best treatment is prevention, but when gum disease becomes established,  Periodontal Treatment is designed to re-establish a healthy attachment of the tooth to the jaw bone.



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