Teeth restoration is carried out for a number of different causes.

Typically, the presence of cavities is the most common pathological process that disrupts dental health but, there could be other cosmetic or functional defects as well.

The basis of dental medicine is based on the thorough cleaning of tooth decay which consists in removing all the microbiological infected tissue in order to treat the present cavity.

For the fillings (composites) we use the highest quality materials known worldwide in order to ensure the best in terms of aesthetics, color and morphology.

The need for dental restoration can also be performed for non-infectious reasons. The tooth structure can be damaged also by strong external stimuli such as a strong mechanical force (aggressive brushing, too hard a brush) – an action as this causes wedge-shaped defects in the cervical part of the booth which, besides being unsightly, causes higher sensitivity.

The excessive consumption of acidic food and drinks can also cause damage to the tooth enamel causing micro cracks at the surface.

A restoration is often required in the case of trauma damaged teeth – in this case it represents a fast, simple and economical solution.



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